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Violence and the Holidays

Domestic Violence and the Holidays: A Survivor’s Guide by Nancy Vega, MA, LPC The holidays are often thought of as the best time of the year. It is a time for loved ones, celebration, and joy. However, for victims of domestic violence, the holidays can be a very dark and […]

increasing our awareness

Awareness of domestic violence has increased dramatically over the past 10 years, but it is still an issue many of us aren’t comfortable talking about- a fact that only perpetuates the misconceptions and stigma surrounding relationship violence. Along with the general populace’s reluctance to address what can admittedly be a […]

“Does that really happen here?”

It is the number one question that is asked. The Eastern Sierra is a beautiful place and people come from all over the world to enjoy it. This is not Los Angeles, New York or another large urban area. We don’t have crime, right? Sometimes it’s hard to believe that […]

11 things you can do

1. Educate yourself. Check out the information on this website or take our Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault state certified training. 2. Donate. Donating money, food, clothing, or household items is a way for you to directly provide for the needs of victims of violence in our community. 3. Be a resource. […]

wish list

Wild Iris accepts donations of food, clothing and household establishment items. No donation is too big or too small. Below are some of the critical needs that Wild Iris has in order to help better the lives of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault right here in the Eastern […]

is a restraining order right for me?

What is a domestic violence restraining order? A domestic violence restraining order is a court order that can help protect someone who has been abused or threatened with abuse. Can I get for a domestic violence restraining order? You can ask for a restraining order if a person has abused […]

Am I Being Abused?

People in abusive relationships often have a feeling that something is “off,” or not quite right, but many don’t get that what is happening to them is abuse. Abuse is insidious; it can be sneaky. Abuse might start as small things that always have an excuse, but slowly seem to […]


You can play a critical role in the lives of our clients in Inyo and Mono counties through your tax-deductible donations, which go directly to help fund Wild Iris’s ongoing work. Financial contributions are accepted in person, through mail or simply and securely via our Network for Good website. Wild Iris […]

grant a wish

Wild Iris is there for our families in Inyo and Mono counties, and you can be, too, with your tax-deductible donation of items from our WISH LIST. Whether non-perishable foods and diapers, or a 4WD vehicle, no donation is too small or too large! We appreciate you thinking of us.