5 Reasons to Get Certified

Wild Iris is offering a Certification Training Course beginning October 26 that will enable participants to work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The training is completely free for those who wish to volunteer Wild Iris for 6 months, and only $40 for material if you don’t wish to volunteer. Here are five reasons why YOU should participate in the course!


  1. Education Can Change The World!
    Myths and misconceptions about domestic violence and sexual assault perpetuate a society that allows these crimes. Just by becoming educated, you play a role in stopping abuse. Helping others around you understand the dynamics of abusive relationships will make a huge difference!
  2. Volunteering Saves Lives!
    Taking the state certified training enables you to work directly with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Volunteering your time on our hotline can literally save the life of a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault in time of crisis. Working with our Youth Violence Prevention Team to help educate students about safety and healthy relationships can prevent abuse before it ever happens. This training course will give you the tools to make it possible!
  3. Helping Others Helps You!
    Study after study has proven that volunteering your time to help others is good for your own health and well-being! Volunteering can help you meet new people, gain new skills, increase your self-esteem and confidence, and combat mild depression. Volunteering has even been shown to decrease symptoms of chronic pain and heart disease, according to HelpGuide.org. So, becoming certified to volunteer for victims is a WIN-WIN!
  4. Create a Safe Community!
    Sometimes it’s easy to think that because we live in small towns, that our communities are relatively safe. However, during the last fiscal year, Wild Iris received 1,991 hotline calls! That’s a lot of men, women, and children in our local communities that have experienced abuse in their lives. Standing up and speaking out helps us create a community that says, “No more” to abuse!
  5. Build Your Resume!
    Completion of domestic violence and sexual assault training can help you prove you’ve met the education requirements set forth by the State of California and looks great on resumes! Are you a social worker, doctor, nurse, law enforcement, therapist, college student, HR personnel, or work in ANY field that has human interaction? Then a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Certification can help you on the job!

  6. Find out more information and register online!