About Us

Mission and Vision

Wild Iris is dedicated to promoting a safer community by empowering and restoring the independence of those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Our vision is for non-violent relationships based on dignity, respect, compassion, and equality.

Our services are provided at no charge and are completely confidential.

Interested in what a typical day in our office looks like? Read the true story of Alyson and Lynn here to get an idea.


Wild Iris began in 1981 with a telephone in the home of two founding mothers of what was then known as “Women’s Services”. Two calls were received that year. The next year the phone number was listed in the phone book and an answering machine was donated to be able to respond to more calls. In 1984, we were incorporated as a non-profit organization. Our first office was opened in August of that year and we began training volunteers for a 24-hotline. By 2002, we changed our name to Wild Iris and had 15 staff members and offices in both Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. Currently, Wild Iris has four offices and reaches out to all of Inyo and Mono Counties, serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, and offering programs such as parenting and co-parenting classes, supervised visitation monitors, and court-appointed special advocates.

Board Members

Mono County

Shalle Genevieve
Elena Blomgren

Inyo County

Susan Cash
Cheryl Ramirez
Loretta Howard

Members Emeritus

Eileen Peterson
Betty Denton

To contact any board member by email, please send your message to *protected email* and it will be forwarded to the correct board member

Leadership Staff

Lisa Reel- Executive Director: gro.s1501192921iri-d1501192921liw@l1501192921eerl1501192921
Susi Bains- Director of Programs: gro.s1501192921iri-d1501192921liw@s1501192921niabs1501192921
Mary Worley- Fiscal Director: gro.s1501192921iri-d1501192921liw@y1501192921elrow1501192921m1501192921
Misti Clark-Holt- Domestic Violence Program Manager: gro.s1501192921iri-d1501192921liw@i1501192921tsim1501192921
Ginnie Bird- CASA Program Manager: gro.s1501192921iri-d1501192921liw@d1501192921ribg1501192921
Shelby Pracht- Communications Coordinator: moc.l1501192921iamg@1501192921thcar1501192921pls1501192921