intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence is a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviors used by one person in an intimate relationship to control another.

Partners can be married, single, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transexual, disabled, co-habitating, separated or dating. Intimate partner violence affects men, women, children, elderly and people with disabilities, and crosses all line of income, race, religion, gender, sexual identity and education.

Abuse can range from emotional battering to physical attacks. Most abuse begins with small problems that lead to more frequent and serious attacks. Domestic violence and intimate partner violence are social issues that are rooted in social values, where the importance of having power over another person is emphasized.

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Emotional/Verbal Abuse:  Intimidation, name calling, threatening, belittling, insults, humiliation, sabotaging efforts for self-improvement

Social Abuse/Financial:  Using gender “myths” and roles, destroying or damaging property, controlling major decisions, forced economic dependence, isolation

Physical:  Kicking, hitting, slapping, pulling hair, burning, pinching, using weapons, strangulation, murder

Sexual:  Sexual or demeaning gender remarks, unwanted jealousy, coercive sex, rape.