from the heart

Wild Iris is thrilled to introduce From the Heart: Surviving the Abuse, a collection of poems about abuse by Heather C. Marvin. Heather is a survivor of domestic violence and has been involved in Wild Iris’s training in the past. We are proud to support her independence and her artistic pursuits!

Heather was born and raised in Camden, Indiana. It was while she was in college that she met and married her first husband, whom she refers to now as her “biggest mistake”, but she is quick to also tell you that he gave her “my three greatest gifts ever, my children.” During the 7 years of her first marriage she suffered from depression brought on by all of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse she suffered at her husband’s hands, as well as the death of their oldest daughter.

Writing was her only outlet and it was the one part of her soul that he could never destroy. Shortly after their divorce she met her current husband, Andy, and it was love at first sight. Their love story is one she plans to write and share, but for now she says they are “adding chapters.” Andy added his two children to her two and collectively they generated love, laughter and fodder for what are sure to be many more poems and stories.

Andy has been supportive and encouraging in Heather’s writing and even pushed for her to publish this very unique and inspiring book. Heather has a rare gift of putting into words what most people are unable to express. In “From the Heart,” she is able to capture deep emotion and share it with the readers.

Meanwhile, Heather and Andy thought that when their kids graduated from high school and went off to college that life would be dull; the families’ two dogs, Riley and Maddi, however, have other ideas. Watch for more from Heather in the future. When she releases her follow up, Wild Iris will be sure to let you know! You can purchase the book from Amazon here

Below is a sample poem from “From the Heart”




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