Parenting Survivors

No one will ever tell you that parenting is easy. Parenting children that are survivors or witnesses of abuse is even more difficult.

If you have left an abusive relationship where your child was exposed to violence, have found out that someone has sexually abused your child, or are fostering or have adopted a child that has come from an abusive home, there are a few things you should know about parenting.
First, you should definitely seek professional help for both you and your child if at all possible. Having a therapist that can help your child work through their experiences and one that can help you work on working with your child can be invaluable.

Even more importantly though, make sure to recognize that your child has been through a traumatic experience or time in their lives. Even if it seems like it hasn’t effected them, it has. And if it seems like it has effected them a lot, remember to be patient with the healing process.

A child that has witnessed or experienced abuse needs to be reminded on a daily basis that they are loved and safe. A safe environment that allows a child to express his or her feelings without feeling shamed or punished is the best place for healing.

Lastly, take a parenting class. Not only are there things we can all learn about parenting, but having a supportive environment to share your struggles and help other parents will make a big difference in your day to day life.