Domestic Violence Q&A Videos

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this year Wild Iris has been answering YOUR questions. Have you seen any of our video episodes answering questions? You can view the videos on our website, Facebook, Youtube, or Pinterest.

Even though we've seen a lot about domestic violence in the media lately, it is a topic that is still largely misunderstood. Being informed about the dynamics of relationship abuse enables us to better support victims, stand up to perpetrators, and even prevent violence from …

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Wild Iris Loses Funding for Violence Prevention

 Mono County Students Will No Longer Receive Educational Programs

Due to a change in the grant structure, Wild Iris has lost the $30,000 a year that was earmarked for youth violence prevention education in Mono County. Though we are looking for alternative funding, as of November 2014, Wild Iris will no longer be able to provide education about healthy relationships, dating violence, sexual assault, technology safety, or bullying to any schools in Mono County. We are devastated by this loss to our community and our youth, and so are our local schools. Mr. Scott Luke, freshman health teacher at Mammoth High School recently stated, "The presentations from Wild Iris this year were critical to the student enrichment in our Health Education Course. "

In order to reinstate these programs in the future and protect our children from violence, we need your help. You can donate to help fund this valuable program, or volunteer  to give presentations yourself! Wild Iris will provide all the necessary training.Wild Iris is is always in need of volunteers, not only for education but for our crisis hotline and community outreach as well!

Making Shelter Goals A Reality

Wild Iris Applies For Grant To Fund Domestic Violence Shelter

Even with the $12,000 raised at the Gimme Shelter Carnival in Mammoth this summer, Wild Iris still needs a large financial investment to get a shelter program up and running in Inyo and Mono Counties.

The Leadership Team at Wild Iris is currently writing a grant proposal that would help to provide the remaining funding to start a shelter program

The grant, if received, would work in coordination with our current grants, the proceeds from the carnival, and private donations to initially house 8 people and up to 20 by the end of the 3 year grant period. Funding would begin in January 2015, when Wild Iris would start the program by renting housing, seeking pantry and household donations, and hiring a part time Shelter Resident Services Coordinator. Wild Iris Executive Director Lisa Reel explained, "The goal of the program would be to provide a place to individuals to learn to live in a safe environment and become self sufficient." We look forward to providing this safe space for learning and growth here in the Eastern Sierra. Be on the look out for an update!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Happenings

Tickets still available for Dinner Oct. 25

Join us for bacon wrapped-meatloaf, chicken, beef brisket, new potatoes, and seasonal vegetables, all smoked by the Pickled Pellet Heads- Award-Winning "Smokers" from San Diego.

• Time:              5pm to 8pm

• Location:       Tri County Fairgrounds, Home Ec Building

• Tickets:          $25 each- You can purchase HERE or by calling the office.

DV101 Classes Huge Success!

Thank you to all who came out for the Domestic Violence 101 seminars last week in Mammoth and in Bishop. We had a fantastic turnout for each one and were thrilled to see many community agencies in both counties represented. Susi Bains, Wild Iris Director of Programs, discussed the cycle of violence, red flags of abusive relationships, effects of domestic violence on children, and more with attendees Don't forget to get your name on the list for our more in depth training on domestic violence on sexual assault that will come later in the year!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamations

Wild Iris Executive Director Lisa Reel received a proclamation from Bishop Mayor Jim Ellis declaring October Domestic Violence Awareness Month at the last Bishop City Council Meeting. Mammoth Lakes Town Council and the Inyo and Mono Boards of Supervisors also made proclamations this year. We are grateful to live in a place that supports our work and where those in power stand up against domestic violence!


Parenting & Co-Parenting Classes Starting

Wild Iris's Fall Parenting and Co-parenting classes will begin at the end of the month in both Mammoth and Bishop.

• Mammoth Lakes English-Speaking Parenting Class: Thursdays 3-5pm beginning October 30

• Mammoth Lakes Spanish-Speaking Parenting Class: Wednesdays 3-5pm beginning October 29

• Bishop English-Speaking Parenting Class: Thursdays 2-3:30pm beginning Oct. 30

• Bishop English-Speaking Co-Parenting Class: Wednesdays 3-5pm beginning October 29

You can find more information and REGISTER on our website.

 Survivor Spotlight

Thoughts about Domestic Violence from Michele Poedtke

There is often something good that comes out of shadows of something unspeakable when it is exposed. It is NEVER okay for your partner to hit you or threaten to harm you, man or woman. His wife's reaction is pretty classic for a victim of domestic abuse and the cycle they live in cannot be understood completely without having been there. This doesn't even take into consideration verbal abuse which often can be much more difficult to break free from because of the incessant brainwashing the perpetrator unleashes on the victim. The people who do this sort of thing find partners who, for whatever reason, they are able to manipulate. It has to be understood that it usually doesn't happen overnight, it is a slow unfolding of increasing abuse with the convincing declarations of remorse from the perpetrator until the victim no longer knows what the truth is about either one of them.

When someone wants to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing all the's not love. If someone criticizes you and makes you feel less than the beautiful spirit you know you are...they don't love you....if someone ever lays a hand on you or tries to control you through threats (whether they have been drinking or using drugs or going through a hard time.. whatever!) ...that's not love (and it's not your fault) ....if you analyze yourself in a harsh way and blame yourself for someone else treating you unjustly and you question your perception of life compared to what another tells you constantly... you are being manipulated. You are not helping your children by staying, you are not going to change that other person, you are setting yourself up for increasing violence and the sooner you can reach down and allow and listen to that little voice within, that keeps telling you this isn't right, the sooner you can lift yourself up to the life that you deserve. If you have kids and can't get out for yourself, get out for their sake or you will almost certainly raise children who will become abused or abusers.

You must realize that ...You will never love another person enough for them to love themselves. Even though they may try, they can never make you feel bad enough to make themselves feel better.

It is possible to break free! It is possible to live a life you think you can only dream of but it is going to mean digging deep and using that key you know you hold to unlock the door to the prison you are living in. There is help if you need it. Reach out...there are loving people out there that you can trust who will help you make a plan if you need one or just be there to support you as you open like a rosebud to the sun. You will never believe the beautiful life you can have until you love yourself enough to say NO MORE!

Wish List Updates

• Non-perishable foods

• Crib with mattress

• Diapers

• Clothing for infant girl

• Donations for Youth Violence Prevention and Shelter Program

• Check out the rest of the items on the list.


October Self-Care Reminder

Taking time to meditate has been shown to have many benefits for your health and well being. Have you tried it yet? Download this great beginners meditation calendar & find other self-care tips and more on our Pinterest page!