Have you seen the Oscar’s Best Motion Picture of the Year? Spotlight is a film that tells the story of the world-shaking sexual abuse scandal and cover up in the Catholic Church. Jeff Saporito of says, “Why should you see this film? To honor the victims, first of all, and second of all to understand how corruption — of any sort — works, in order to be vigilant and oppose it.”
This film is a big turning point in our society and our culture- taking something as unpleasant and unsavory as child sexual abuse and bringing it to the forefront of our attention. We can help stop cruelties such as these only when they are brought into the light and openly discussed. This helps bystanders recognize when something seems off and helps break the silence that often seems to bind victims.

Saporito writes, “Spotlight also scrutinizes (to a certain extent) the culpability of The Boston Globe, the home of its protagonists, for not running the story years earlier when a member of the Spotlight team heard about the scandal from a self-identified victim. The understated heroism of the Spotlight team is colored by this tardiness.

The effects of Spotlight’s investigative work are still being felt, and as the film’s ending indicates, the issues are far from resolved. Spotlight effectively cast a bright “spotlight” on the problems by raising public awareness. That is something many modern Catholic representatives maintain is crucial to preventing the behavior.”

At Wild Iris we are committed to helping victims heal from sexual abuse. We hope that this film has opened your eyes to abuse and that you will continue to discuss the effects. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, we are hear to listen to your story. Stop into one of our offices or call our 24 crisis line at 877-873-7384