Why We Should #StandWithKesha

Scores of lawsuits involving sexual assault and sexual harassment are filed every day. Why has this one caught our eye?
In case you haven’t heard, pop icon Kesha has sued her producer and production company because of alleged sexual assault, harassment, emotional abuse, manipulation and more. Kesha wasn’t looking for criminal prosecution, but mainly to be released from her contract with her abuser, Dr. Luke. The judge ruled in favor of Dr. Luke and Sony, requiring Kesha to continue to work with someone who has raped and abused her. You can read all about the story on Billboard.com.

Wild Iris is here to stand with all victims, not just celebrities. We need to not only support the survivors of abuse in our communities, but to let abusers know that even when the system fails us, we know that what they do is wrong. Join us as we #StandWithKesha and as we stand will ALL victims of violence.