what we do

Wild Iris is here to stand by you through the whole process of dealing with violence in your home, whether or not you want to leave your abusive partner. Our crisis counselors are here to discuss your situation and your options with you, and support the decisions you make for yourself and your family.  All of the services offered by Wild Iris are completely confidential, and are offered with dignity, respect and compassion for our clients.

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line: Available 24/7 for times of crisis. Trained peer crisis counselors are available to provide immediate counseling, information and resources.
  • Emergency Shelter: Available for individuals who are fleeing abusive situations.
  • Safety Planning: Trained peer counselors are available to assist in safety planning and provide you with valuable information to consider when you are in a dangerous situation, or are planning to leave an abusive relationship.
  • Restraining Order: Wild Iris peer counselors are trained to help you prepare and obtain an order of protection, or to answer questions about restraining orders and criminal protective orders.
  • Advocacy & Accompaniment: Wild Iris peer counselors can provide support during your time of crisis. At your request, a counselor can attend court dates, or appropriate appointments such as medical, social services, mental health, etc. Their role is to support you emotionally, prepare you for what to expect in the courtroom or during a medical exam, and to help you understand what is happening and why. With your permission, a peer counselor may also speak-up on your behalf to make sure that your rights are not being overlooked.
  • Crisis Counseling & Support: One-on-one peer counseling is available and is designed to support you while you are working through a crisis or an abusive situation. Topics to cover in these sessions are your choice, but may include rebuilding self esteem, creating healthy boundaries, understanding the cycle of violence, how to move on after a violent relationship, healthy coping strategies, stress management, becoming self-sufficient, or recreating yourself and achieving your goals. Support groups are also available.
  • Information & Referrals: Peer counselors can help you locate community programs and resources that may benefit you during your times of need. These may include referrals to medical services, children’s services, long term mental health services, food banks, parenting classes, employment and education, faith based services, legal services, transportation services, recovery services and long term shelter services.
  • Emergency Food & Clothing: Emergency food and clothing are available for clients who are in need due to violence and abuse.
  • Housing Establishment & Relocation: Through the generous donations of our supporters and local community, Wild Iris is often able to assist with providing items needed to establish a new home after fleeing an abusive relationship. This help may include temporary assistance with utility services and locating furniture and essential household items. In some instances, Wild Iris may be able to assist with relocating you to another, safer community.
  • Youth Violence Prevention: Wild Iris offers programs to assist the youth in our community to understand what a healthy relationship looks like, how to set healthy boundaries, the importance of respecting themselves and others, and how to build self-esteem.