Donations help fund a variety of programs for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, including individual counseling, support groups, legal and economic advocacy, emergency shelter, our 24 hour crisis hotline and CASA of the Eastern Sierra.

Your tax-deductible donation to Wild Iris makes a real difference for families in our community seeking a life free of violence and abuse.

If you would like your donation to go to a specific program, please contact us via phone or email at 1-760-873-6601 or

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Blossoming Hope Monthly Giving Program

Fireweed Giving Level                                             $15/month = $180/year

This plant is a symbol of release, rebirth, and potential for something new. After forest fires, this flower is often the first to appear due to its ability to find nutrients in burned soil. Wild Iris works with our clients to help them find their own rebirth.

· Provides two hours of peer counseling services for a survivor of sexual assault

· Provides an infant a month’s supply of diapers

· Provides bus passes for clients without transport to receive services

Yarrow Giving Level                                                 $20/month = $240/year

Yarrow flowers represent both healing and inspiration. At Wild Iris, we work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse to help them heal from past traumas.

· Provides emergency transport for clients in crisis away from the person who harms

· Supports our 24-hour crisis hotline daily operations

Desert Evening Primrose Giving Level                 $50/month = $600/year

At first, dunes appear to be barren, but look closely and you’ll find the resilient Desert Evening Primrose, which is able to find moisture even in the barest climates. This resilience is reflected in our brave clients.

· Provides 5 nights of emergency shelter for families in domestic violence related crisis

· Supports our Trauma Informed Yoga Program for one month

Lupine Giving Level                                                 $100/month = $1,200/year

The Lupine flower symbolizes happiness, creativity and imagination. Your donation supports programs such as Art4Healing, which encourages clients to express themselves through art.

· Provides over a month of Art4Healing classes, allowing sexual assault and domestic violence survivors guidance in processing their trauma thru artistic expression

· Supports our ability to reach remote communities in the Eastern Sierra and provide direct client services to families lacking transport

Tiger Lily Giving Level                                            $200/month = $2,400/year

Due its ability to survive at high elevations, the tiger lily stands for strength and pride. We celebrate the strength our clients exhibit in reaching out for help.

· Provides for our Youth Outreach Education Program to deliver 10 presentations in local schools focusing on teen dating, domestic violence and sexual assault

· Provides a family full services at our transitional housing shelter for one month

· Provides a CASA Volunteer for an abused child for one year

Wild Iris Giving Level                                         $400/month = $4,800/year

The Wild Iris conveys wisdom, valor and hope. It blooms from bulbs each spring in high mountain meadows, symbolizing the endurance of the human spirit.

· Provides a month of full support services for a family affected by domestic violence or sexual assault, including accommodation, therapy, legal advocacy, and referrals

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