Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes

Wild Iris offers a FREE 6-week series of parenting and FREE 8-week series co-parenting classes. Drop in for one or sign up for the whole series.

For more information or to sign up please call the Bishop office: 760-873-6601

Please see our calendar page for current class schedule »

Making Good Parents Better

Create a nurturing environment in which your child can grow and prosper. Wild Iris parenting and co-parenting classes provide tools and strategies you can use to reduce stress, power struggles, and resentment within your family.

Parenting Classes: Learn calm, confident parenting

Do you want to learn how to talk to your children so that they will listen? Do you struggle trying to change unacceptable behavior? Do you want to improve your child’s self-esteem, but the things you try don’t seem to work? You are not alone!

Co-Parenting Classes: Parenting through a divorce or separation

Are you struggling to help your children adjust to the traumatic changes of a divorce or separation? When a couple splits, it’s hard on everyone in the family, especially children. All children need the love and support of both their parents. Parents who live apart can still provide these things if they work together. In co-parenting classes you will learn how to maintain a commitment to putting children first when you and your partner are no longer together.

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